Online Business - What I Have Learned So Far - Part 1


They’re like snowballs. You gather the snow (ideas) and form them into a cohesive ball. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Occasionally, when the conditions are right, they can form into something perfect. Now you must ask the question: what can I do with it? I can throw it away, never to be seen again or I can do more. If I save it for too long or do nothing with it, it will eventually melt away into nothingness, but if I put some effort into it, I can make that snowball grow. True, it can get a little big and unwieldy, but if I stick with it and continue to try, it will expand and then it can morph into something special. But there are pitfalls. If you get too close to a slippery slope, the idea will grow but it could pick up speed and eventually become too big and will run away out of control and that benefits no one.

If I try, however, to expand that snowball and add other snowballs, eventually I can build that into a snow sculpture. The drive to produce something beautiful, meaningful or just plain fun is entirely up to me and how it turns out is directly proportional to the amount of effort I am willing to put into it. What it becomes is a product of my imagination, creativity and hard work. That is why we use this metaphor about building a snowball in our lives and nowhere is it more appropriate then starting a business. 

We had an idea and that idea grew. A love for crystals mixed with an interest in their properties and what their energies can do, helped form The Crystal Spirit Guild. A collection of artists and friends that unleashed their creative and spiritual interests into something that has become a beautiful entity. Jewelry made from crystals are gorgeous that’s made just like any recipe, when combined with the right ingredients, can produce a piece that can help someone express themselves in a subtle and stylish way.  

Everyone has a creative side, along with an inner narrative, that is truly unique and their own. For some it is brash and flashy, for others, it is subdued and quiet. Some wish to be noticed, others, not so much, and many could be varying degrees in between, but here is the most important part: there are NO rules. Creative expression is universal, we all have it. How we choose to show it is deeply personal and no matter what, quite appropriate. 

The artists of The Crystal Spirit Guild are passionate about what they do and what they do it with. Handmade products using the finest material available, put together in amazing ways is what helps drive them. It is the epitome of “do what you love, and love what you do”. What is always kept in the forefront, is what these crystal energies can do.

As time goes by, I will be discussing the highs and lows of taking a precious idea and nurturing it into something tangible. What I have learned so far. What I hope to learn. Where the anxiety is. Where the inspiration leads. 

Hopefully, it will inform and perhaps inspire others to follow their hearts to do the thing that makes them happy. Talk to you soon!

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