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In a world where we are, now more than ever, becoming merely numbers in an ocean of humanity. In  a world where it feels like things are moving at such a fast a pace which we are almost suffocating. In a world where most of us are barely coping with our daily challenges.

There is HOPE!!

And that hope is YOU!! It is up to YOU to decide when you have had enough and affirm with all the fibres of your being… I AM SOMEONE!!! 

Someone who is FREE to choose. FREE to be whom ever YOU desire to be. Free  to awesomely be !!!

By choosing yourself you make the world a better place for everyone and contrary to what we’ve all been taught and fed since birth… it is not being selfish. 

In order to be of service to our loved ones, to be functional in a dysfunctional society, to experience all you’ve ever dreamed of, one must be happy. Happiness comes from within, not from seeking material assets, not from looking for others approvals , not from seeking for someone to complete us because we feel that we aren’t enough but simply because we are all someone very special, unique and we all matter. 


Through this weekly blog I will share with you how you can make a difference in your own life by simply being you. The truest version of you,  not what you’ve been moulded into, not what you’ve been told to be, not what you’ve been manipulated on thinking you should be nor what anybody expects you to be. 


Always remember …. YOU ARE SOMEONE .... WE ALL ARE!!

Love and Light

The Crystal Spirit Guild 



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