Why do we love GEMS so much!!

Yes they are extremely pretty! Their colours are utterly stunning and they come in an array of shapes, styles, finishes and sizes. Rocks, crystals , gemstones both precious and semiprecious varieties, rough or polished it doesn’t matter, we love them all !!!  From jewelry, fashion statements, home decor, gardens, arts & crafts, we use them everyday and every way imaginable! We not only wear them as rings, bracelets , necklaces but many carry them in their pockets, purses, use them as key chains, hang them on their rear view mirror in their vehicles, stash them in the glove compartment, the centre console and even under their car seats. Some collect them as a hobby and some of us are just simply addicted to them! So why are we so drawn to them? What’s their big secret? Well simply put… they possess magical powers! 

No hocus-pocus , although some people think that they truly possess powerful energies! Mother Earth is more than just a beautiful planet that we call home. She gifts us constantly in endless ways, possibilities and experiences. She holds a plethora of treasures. 

Love and Light

The Crystal Spirit Guild 

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