Tarot of the Day - April 5, 2023


🔮The Cosmos 🔮Awakening 🔮Unity

The Oracle

The Cosmos is asking that you see your situation from a higher perspective. Perhaps you’ve been too focused on trying to solve your problem from only one point of view, and need to ask the Universe for assistance in bringing you a new outlook. Expand your ideas into brighter and bigger ventures. Think big. You are awakening, and new ideas will be coming forth that are of a higher, cleaner vibration. This is a time of full expansion and attracting very high frequencies. 

Celestial interpretation:

Higher Perspective resonates to peace and serenity, and the soul’s connection to the Cosmos. It purifies and clears confusion about the soul’s place in the Universe and assists the soul with feeling allied with a greater purpose, and a higher power. It helps with delivering fresh vantage points into challenging circumstances and reminds all beings to perceive situations from a higher, more Celestial perspective.

Companion Crystals: Sugilite, Lepidolite 

Companion Essential oil: Basil



Mystic Bridge 

The Crystal Spirit Guild 


(Image connected with  Sonic Purple Color Ray) 

From MAGICAL DIMENSIONS Oracle cards and activators