Tarot of the Day - March 6, 2023


🔮Creativity 🔮Intimacy 🔮Inhibition 


The Oracle

Whether your situation involves a relationship, creative project, or a business partnership, how is your expression flowing in these areas? Are you feeling inhibited or restrained? Or, are you too overbearing? Be honest. Is your creative spirit locked away, secretly seeking expression? Your creativity and sensuality desire discovery. If you have been holding back, now is the time to step forth and allow your expression to unfold. You are a kaleidoscope of beauty.


Celestial interpretation:

Creative power is intertwined with harmoniously uniting all living beings. Our creative sacral Chakra allows us to manifest and create, honour harmonious relationships, and allows us to “let go”. It requires great trust in order to do-create with other beings, and the health of this portal can affect how trusting we are towards others, and how easily we honour our own creative spirits.

Companion Crystals: Orange Carnelian, Amber

Companion Essential oil: Orange or Tangerine



Mystic Bridge 

The Crystal Spirit Guild 


(Image connected with  Orange Carnelian Color Ray) 

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