Tarot of the Day - April 7, 2023




The Oracle:

Strength is necessary right now to persevere. You are being asked to step forward, move ahead, and take action with more powerful energy. Call upon your Divine feminine side to assist you with grounding and bringing balance to your situation. Divine love and magical energies are supporting you, and it is a time of action. You need to have confidence and belief in yourself, and be solid in your choices. 

Celestial interpretation:

Empowerment resonates to the grounded strength of the blessed Divine feminine. This sacred ray births a mighty tower of Earth Mother Spirit, born of the earth element, hearty and resilient, but endowed with the heavenly, angelic powers of unwavering love. This motivating ray encourages stamina and reminds all universal and dimensional warriors of light that Divine love is the most powerful force of all. 

Companion Crystals: Boji Stone, Moonstone 

Companion Essential oil: Clary Sage

Part 2 - Wisdom 



The Oracle:

The wisdom you seek is within you. Unite with your powerful Highest Self, the purist frequency of you, and know Thyself. You have innate gifts of psychic intuition, but you must first cultivate and exercise your mastery. Your Higher Self contains the key to unlocking your gifts. It’s full steam ahead, so don’t hold yourself back. Remember who you are, a powerful being of light with all the answers within you, so know that you can see the truth in all situations. 


Celestial interpretation:

Wisdom resonates to that of Divine psychic perception. It is attuned to the vibration of courage and heavenly support for speaking one’s truth. Exalted and robust, this intense ray beckons the soul toward developing valuable alliances with the higher soul-star and spiritual guides. It quells fears and doubts, releases anxieties from the entire Chakratic system, and enhances psychic and intuitive abilities. 


Companion Crystals: Apatite, Blue Goldstone 

Companion Essential oil: Mint



Mystic Bridge 

The Crystal Spirit Guild 


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From MAGICAL DIMENSIONS Oracle cards and activators