Tarot of the Day - February 16, 2023


Essential Meaning:

Sensitivity, gentleness, empathy, compassion, the gift of vulnerability, self-forgiveness.

No matter how hard the rock, over time, water can alter it, making a path where there was none before. The appearance of this Crystal is a sign that this is a time for you to embrace your sensitivity and gentleness. There is no need to be forceful when you can simply be open to what you are entitled to receive. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, as this crystal spirit appears in raw unpolished form, finding strength in knowing that you do not have to engage in battles that serve no one. You are able to handle whatever dramas are in front of you right now. 

Your exquisite sensitivity will serve you well, for it allows you to see things as they are. The Conscious Universe will be gentle with you, and Raw Morganite Spirit is here to let you know that you are not alone and you have a solid foundation beneath you. So express your gifts of empathy and compassion. You are stronger than you know. 



Love & Light 💜

Mystic Bridge 

For The Crystal Spirit Guild