Tarot of the Day - February 3, 2023



Pay attention to your dreams, as you are receiving profound guidance from them. Your subconscious is trying to bring something important to your attention. It’s also a good time to expand your creativity and allow your imagination to roam free. Go deep within the realms of yourself, and you’ll be amazed at what clarity you’ll discover there. 

Celestial interpretation:

Dreamscape resonates to the unconscious and hidden desires and dreams. These frequencies bridge pathways from the subconscious into the conscious awareness that assist in bringing life to dreams, both in the waking and sleeping states. As deeply entrenched patterns are surfaced for examination, understood, released and transmuted, this flowing ray allows for revelations and new ideas to burst forth with a vibrancy and depth. The imagination is unleashed and creativity flows vividly. 

Companion Crystals: Shaman’s Stone, Green Opal 

Companion Essential oil: Jasmine 


The Crystal Spirit Guild 

(Image connected with Persimmon Color Ray) 

From MAGICAL DIMENSIONS Oracle cards and activators