Tarot of the Day - March 8, 2023




The Oracle:

You are never alone, not ever! Angels are trying to communicate with you. Are you listening? Be open and receptive. Listen to the guidance that is coming through your intuitive senses. The Celestial Angels are responding to your request for assistance. Look for signs to answer your questions. It may be time for an upgrade to aid you in your spiritual enlightenment.

Celestial interpretation:

Celestial Assistance resonates to Divine messages. Receiving answers to your questions from The Celestial Messengers(Angels) comes in many forms. It is with an open heart and mind that pure answers can fully be seen, felt, and heard from the deepest core of the soul. Angel guidance can be found in the smallest flower, the tallest tree, animal friends, and especially as messages from fellow human beings. This shimmering ray creates a bridge for the beauty and purity of loving Angelic messages of light. 


Companion Crystals: Angelite, Apophyllite

Companion Essential oil: White Angelica



Mystic Bridge 

The Crystal Spirit Guild 


(Image connected with Sparkling Snow Color Ray) 

From MAGICAL DIMENSIONS Oracle cards and activators