Tarot of the Day - April 3, 2023



The Oracle:

Trust in the unknown no matter what your situation may bring. You must know with conviction that if you jump, there will be a safety net to catch your fall. However, the “catch” is, the net may not always appear until after you decide to take the leap. Learn to cultivate a trust relationship within yourself, and also with Spirit, so you’ll know when the time feels right. Trust in your intuitive decisions, and stop doubting yourself.

Celestial interpretation:

Trust resonates to the deep trust in Spirit and the soul. When trials befall, one must trust beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is purpose in all situations. This reassuring ray grounds the soul to its roots and reinforces an anchored belief and confidence in The Creator’s timing. Rest assured that support exists at all times, and there is an omnipresent and cooperative power surrounding you. 


Companion Crystals: Sapphire, Tree Agate

Companion Essential oil: Blue Cypress 


Mystic Bridge 

The Crystal Spirit Guild 



(Image connected with Sapphire Mint Color Ray) 

From MAGICAL DIMENSIONS Oracle cards and activators