Tarot of the Day - February 20, 2023

Solar Portal 



The Oracle

Are you trusting your “gut” feelings? Your intuition will guide you with making wise decisions…if you listen. If you make choices based on the external world, your power will be wane. So become centred and balanced from your core. You need to radiate confidence in this situation. Don’t be so easily swayed, or knocked over, and be very conscious of others intentions at this time. It’s time to trust that gut feeling.

Celestial interpretation:

Really getting t know yourself at the deepest of levels and learning about personal power will take you on a journey of the self. Once dialed into the soul, intuition and “gut level” feelings become a daily routine, thus making decisions easier and more fluid. Here at the centre of the chi, true soul-power is as brilliant and potent as the sun. Unlock your inspirational and fiery passion from deep within, and radiate it outward for humanity.

Companion Crystals: Yellow Jasper, Gold

Companion Essential oil: Lemongrass


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The Crystal Spirit Guild 


(Image connected with Sunlight Color Ray) 

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