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 Brilliant Healer

Nephrite Jade,  Burma Jade 

Nephrite jade is an overall brilliant healer. It is known to get to the root cause of illness and dis-ease in the body and assist in healing. It’s an empowering stone full of revitalization and is said to speed up the body’s healing process. Nephrite jade keeps the body safe from the damaging effects of external sources and soothes the nervous system. It can also bring strength and healing to the immune system whilst bringing your body into a more alkaline state of being. 

It is said to be one of the best stones for women having a difficult time with PMS symptoms and infertility. Anything related to the female reproductive centre is said to be balanced and healed by using nephrite jade daily. It makes a thoughtful gift for pregnant women, especially if the birth is close, the new mother can use the stones in her birth ceremony for calling harmony, ease and comfort.

This amazing stone is supportive of the liver, kidneys and heart. It cleanses the blood and assists in regulating issues surrounding blood supply and circulation.

It also brings its wearer abundance and good luck, especially if you are struggling with financial woes. Nephrite jade is a powerful stone of manifestation and it brings dreams and hopes into reality.

Nephrite jade is also popular for being a powerful emotional healer, bringing emotional stability to anyone struggling with regulating their feelings. It knows how to be soothing and energizing at the same time, bringing clarity and awareness to those parts of ourselves that require our love and healing.

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