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Crown Chakra Tune-Up

Lepidolite and White Agate

This stone combination will help open, align and balance the Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is blocked by ego attachment and deals with Cosmic Energy. 

Here are some signs of imbalance: 

  • Trouble planning the future, trouble setting goals
  • Feeling narrow minded
  • Sense of denial
  • Experiencing poor vision
  • Bad memory 
  • Lack of imagination 
  • Feeling overly unconcerned 
  • Inability to discern meaning from signs, ignoring psychic experiences 

Lepidolite is an amazing energy cleanser and ever ready to get to work on bringing the chakras into bright and bountiful balance. This stone is all about helping you to leap forward, it preps you for a future free from mental and emotional blocks, ensuring you reach a place both here on earth and in the cosmic realm where you can thrive.


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