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Hawkeye & Silver Sheen Obsidian 

Highly grounding and balancing attributes. Hawk Eye is a stone for protection, power, and perseverance working to fill the aura with a fiery confidence. This will aid manifestation of reaching new heights while remaining grounded and focused. It opens up the third eye to bring calmness, and intuition. Wearing Hawk Eye, a person would magnify the energies of wisdom, integrity, truth, love, and emotional repair. It increases organization, intellect, memory recall, and reduces in brain fog. Making it a great conduit for anyone working to get things done. 

Silver Sheen Obsidian is believed to bring advantage throughout life. It improves perception, sharpens the senses and intellect, promotes articulate communication to others, and helps keep emotions from affecting rational decision-making. Silver Sheen Obsidian is a marvelous stone for out-of-body journeying as it provides a strong connection between the physical and astral bodies, and assures a safe soul return. It is also a soothing, protective stone for issues dealing with a possessive parent or partner, or need help keeping firm boundaries.

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