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Cracked Quartz & Natural Lapis Lazuli 

One of a Kind!!

Cracked White Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals for helping you see abundance in your life. It restores faith in yourself, helps you overcome feelings of scarcity, and brings balance back into your life. 

It will also make your thoughts clearer and act as an excellent energy filter, absorbing more energy, purifying negative energy as well as activating positive energy. 

Gorgeous classy Lapis Lazuli is known for revealing deep inner truths, inviting you into authenticity and showing you the magic of your own mighty will. Overall booster, facilitates restful sleep and for when things seem like they are spinning, Lapis Lazuli isn’t shy about lending a hand. It entices you back to balance mentally and keeps you upright in your physical life. De stress, breathe deeply and fully without retentions and thrive.

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