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 Blue Sponge Quartz

With this beautiful bracelet you will feel calm and protected from negativity. Blue Sponge Quartz alleviates fear, enhances creativity and expression. Its uplifting energies can restore hope, happiness, and peace.  Plus,  it brings clarity of thought and improved concentration.

Without emotional stability, you can’t achieve a state of balance. If you’re stressed out or you’re feeling anxious there will be a negative energy wave washing over your energetic centres. Therefore, you need to focus on emotional healing first so you can step towards experiencing a fully satisfying life and experience true love and romantic bliss.

Blue Quartz can mediate a clear and direct communication with your heart chakra. It can activate the beautiful feelings of self-love and self-acceptance. You’ll finally be able to release your emotional baggage. Loving yourself fully will bring in true emotional healing.

Love starts with you my dear 💙


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