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White Cap

Blue Quartz & White Howlite 

Blue Quartz brings a calm self-confidence, a sense of ease and soul-purpose deep within ourselves. It encourages us to be generous with our time and energy, with the people that matter most. Blue Quartz also encourages us to cultivate thoughtful relationships, and to be with people who make us feel good and help us to grow.  

Blue Quartz teaches that “fear”, especially fear of the unknown, is often little more than “incomplete knowledge” and the way to move past fear is to simply learn more! It reminds us to reach out to others for support when in need and to trust that we will receive good energy. Blue Quartz inspires hope and helps us to trust ourselves and to listen to the promptings of our heart.

Anytime you're experiencing high stress, White Howlite is your go to. It helps reduce stress levels and hot tempers, and dispel irritations that are directed towards you from others. Howlite works by absorbing negative energy and filling the void with calming properties that help you feel at peace. Howlite helps you sleep and quiet the overactive mind. 

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