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Heart Chakra Tune-Up

Green Aventurine and White Agate

Heart chakra green aventurine white agate

This stone combination will help open, align and balance your Heart Chakra .This Chakra is blocked by grief and deals with love.

Here are some signs of imbalance:

  • Respiratory, circulation or blood pressure issues
  • Jealousy, greed 
  • Grief, despair, feeling depressed
  • Judgemental, manipulative 
  • Poor decision making
  • Lack of self love 

Green Aventurine soothes emotional wounds, allowing one to recognize the issues behind illness , imbalance or defeat, and to facilitate the release of unhealthy relationships, patterns, and heartache. It encourages one to view hardships in life as impermanent, as an opportunity for growth in a new direction, and for taking all things in stride.


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