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Truth Seeker

Nephrite Jade, Burma Jade and Peace Jade

Overall, Jade facilitates peace within the physical, emotional and intellectual structures. It is also the stone of wisdom and prosperity. The ultimate symbol of calm and serenity.

Nephrite Jade is said to be helpful in finding inner peace and harmony. Powerful stone for protection, it is said to protect against accidents and injuries, as well as to protect against negative energy and curses. It’s said to be helpful in attracting love and money as it is thought to be a stone of abundance and helps increase wealth and prosperity.

Burma jade brings about a sense of calm and gives clear purpose.

Peace Jade is a protective power that combines Green Serpentine (Regeneration, Guidance, wellness ), Lavender Stichtite (Compassion, Tranquility, Open-mindedness), and White Quartz (wellness, Clarity, Focus). The overall effect is a gentle, comforting presence that increases intuitive abilities.

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