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Lepidolite & Selenite 

Lepidolite is praised far and wide for its mood-stabilising properties. It serves as an effective salve to the soul for those experiencing intense mood swings, emotional instability, or overwhelming moments of melancholy . It assists in the releasing of stagnant negative energies and behaviours that are no longer serving you while encouraging the ushering in of change-inducing practices. It helps in breaking harmful thought patterns and forms new and uplifting ones. This allows for a deep reset that in turn, encourages emotional wellness and stability while also relieving your melancholy . 

Selenite provides for clarity of the mind, expanding ones awareness of the self and of ones surroundings. It assists judgement and insight.  It clears confusion and helps in seeing the deeper picture.

Selenite brings serenity, purification, peace, integrity, forgiveness and positive thoughts. It assists in spiritual psychic development.

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