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Stormy Life Aid Bling

Dyed Fire Agate, Natural Cracked Quartz & Dolomite

Fire agate has a passionate and joyful energy. It inspires great courage within us and urges us to follow our bliss and leave behind the humdrum of routine. Fire Agate is used to repel psychic and emotional vampires. It shields the wearer from harm and ill wishes and helps you to deflect negativity. In making us to feel energetically protected, it facilitates building a strong and healthy emotional foundation in order to whether the storms of life. Its energy is also a wonderful aphrodisiac, helping us to attract new lovers and incite passion in existing relationships.

Fire Agate helps us to think for ourselves and not allow the opinions of others to negatively influence us, encourages us to follow our dreams and to believe that we can achieve our goals. It gives us the mental stamina to stay the course and do what needs to be done. Useful in navigating tricky terrains of a negative work environment showing us how to keep negative coworkers from bothering us in order to stay productive and peaceful.

Cracked White Quartz - One of the most powerful crystals for helping you see abundance in your life.  Restores faith in yourself, helps you overcome feelings of scarcity, and brings balance back into your life. 

It will also make your thoughts clearer and act as an excellent energy filter, absorbing more energy, purifying negative energy as well as activating positive energy. 

Dolomite - Its gentle vibrations of comfort brings you inner tranquillity, increases your stamina, helps with energy alignment and the removal of blockages. It is a very uplifting crystal.  This stone help diminish fear, promotes courage and stability as it will help you face your fears and phobias and overcome them.


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