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The Exam Assistant 

Black Onyx & Green Aventurine 

Exams jitters? In need of mental clarity?

Onyx has got you covered. Onyx is known as the student’s stone and works wonders for students during exams! Not only does it aid the mind by preventing scattered thoughts from hindering concentration, it can also block negative thoughts from entering the mind. And as a bonus, it helps to purify and remove toxins from the body.

Adding Green Aventurine to Onyx is a POWERFUL boost. When it comes to focus for exams or other projects that require intense mental focus,  aventurine comes to the rescue! It not only helps you become more focused but also provides you with good luck so that your efforts are never in vain! 

Young children will also find that Black Onyx can be helpful when they are still working on their balance.

What a power combination!! 

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