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Electroplated Druzy Blue Agate and Cacked Quartz 

💙Inner harmony 💙Harmonious relationships 💙Creativity

💙Relaxation 💙Self-love 💙Self-worth 💙Balance

Druzy agate is associated with peace, love, intuition, stress-relief, and a stronger sense of self-worth and inner strength. It is known to bring balance and a sense of soothing. Under your polished exterior often hides your hidden gem, Druzy Agate gives you inner strength to free that gem so you can be your truest YOU! And since we attract what we project, you will finally find the ONE you’ve been really looking for. 

With druzy agate with you, you can confidently trust your heart, head, or gut. You will be empowered to embrace new situations that once would have unnerved you or even caused you anxiety, like finding your voice if you often feel unable to speak.

Cracked Quartz is all about creating balance. It governs emotional and creative energy to keep you level-headed and safe from the potentially destructive nature of dark energy.

So go ahead! Free yourself and find your true love ❤️ 


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