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Learning Power!

White Howlite, Rainbow Fluorite and Amethyst

This Crystal combination is not only beautiful to look, it also packs quite the punch! 


  • Stimulates desire for knowledge & creativity 
  • Promotes expression & clear communication 
  • Strengthens memory 
  • Calms 
  • It can assist to stop self criticism 
  • Allows for restful sleep

Fluorite also known as The Genius Crystal… 

  • Activates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • Helps to stay present in the moment and task oriented 
  • Purple Fluorite is highly recommended for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math students
  • Provides a sense of protection while boosting self-confidence to less likely lose focus right when it’s needed most!


  • Is an excellent learning aid enhancing focus, intuition and understanding 
  • Brings forth inner peace & strength and promotes self confidence 
  • Boosts new information absorption 
  • Creates a sense of order out of chaos 
  • Ultimate protection with its ability to absorb negative energies while transmuting them into positive ones
  • Appeases the constant mental chatter and stress
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