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The Study Buddy

Hematite and Kiwi Jasper

Hematite is a go to for help staying on task during the day. It has natural calming energies that can easily promote focus and concentration while helping to reflect upon the choices in life that are truly important.

Known as the stone of endurance because of its ability to keep the wearer grounded and motivated to accomplish any of their dreams and goals! Wonderful blocker when it comes to distractions and negative excess thoughts from entering your mind! Helps stop the mind from drifting away whenever it’s time to study. Hematite is well-known for its grounding properties, an essential requirement for students. It promotes clarity of thought for better focus. Plus, it also aids in boosting positive energy and self-confidence.

Kiwi Jasper offers a soothing and nurturing vibration. It supports during times of chronic stress and absorbs negative energy that surrounds you. It also helps to give a sense of enjoyment and playfulness when they are feeling down.

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