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Protector Too

Purple Tiger Eye, Hematite and Amethyst


Purple Tiger Eye is an incredible stone that helps eradicate fear and anxiety and promotes peace and harmony. It will bring courage and confidence, it strengthens willpower and helps timid children to be more confident, especially when pushed around or if they feel alienated. 

Amethyst is very popular with kids because of its purple colour. It has a calming a peaceful energy, which is ideally suited for them.  Amethyst bestows stability, strength and inner peace. It provides clarity, enhances intuition and understanding, assists in calming the mind, reducing stress and allows restful sleep. 

Black Tourmaline - is one of the best protection gemstones you can wear. It not only removes negative energy, but changes it to positive energy. It has an excellent effect on your well being. It is a strong grounding stone. It offers protection from psychic surge, negative entities, and energies from others and your surroundings. Black Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic smog and melancholy. Black tourmaline helps to release painful emotions stored in our auric field.

Hematite - is one of the strongest for energetic protection and helping you stay grounded by creating a protective shield around your aura. It dissolves negative energy and prevents you from absorbing negativity from others. It is calming so it heightens self confidence, power, and self esteem. It is also perfect for those who lack courage. Hematite will help your thoughts to stay more focused and balanced, and will help with concentration making this ideal for those with needing more focus  


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